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Stretch Film

Physical Properties Protect your loads from → dirt, dust and moisture.
Reduced Damage Stabilize load → less chance of shifting while being transported.
Recyclable Does not contain any toxic compounds or produce hazardous by products.
Efficiency Increased packaging operation efficiency, inventry control and worker productivity.

Slip Sheet

Economy Reduces trasportation, storage, administrative and labor cost.
Environmentally Friendly Fully recyclable → can be sold as scrap paper.
Space saving Allows 12-15% more products space in material handing containers.
Versatile Can be customized to fit any size load. ISPM 15 and HACCP proof.

PET or PP Strapping Tape

Economy An economical alternative to plastic or metal strapping.
Reduced Damage Stabilize and prevent breakage transit.
Heavy Duty Withstanding and retaining high tension or rigid loads.
Versatile Lightweight, flexible, easy to handle and will not rust (non-corrosive), scratch or stain strapped load.

Compressed Wood Pallet

Description: 4 way entry compressed pallet.
Usage: Suitable for air and sea freight.
Dynamic load:
Static Load:
1000mm x 1200mm
1110mm x 1110mm

ISPM 15 Exempted

ROHS compliant

No heat or chemical treatment

Strong and durable design

Suitable for cold/clean environment

100% environmentally friendly

Water, pest and fungus resistant

Lightweight & nestable

Eco-friendly conveyor